Baby Changing Stations

26 Nov

5 Benefits of Microban Baby Changing Tables

Microban baby changing tables are gentle on babies yet murder on germs. Here are five reasons to invest in these products for your facility: Even a supposedly clean surface can harbor disease-causing microorganisms like salmonella, coli, and the bacteria that causes staph infections. One study done by the Microban Corporation…

23 Nov
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How to Ensure You’re Buying Safe Baby Changing Stations

Safe baby changing stations are a must-have in today’s commercial restrooms. However, many people have misconceptions about these handy, affordable products. This is especially true in regard to their safety. To clear up these misunderstandings, we present the following information. Regulated for the Public’s Protection Virtually every American product you buy these days is subject to strict manufacturing regulations. While…

19 Nov
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6 Baby Changing Accessories Every Mom Needs

Every mom—or dad, for that matter—with young kids could use certain baby changing accessories. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep these items within easy reach by using a purse or diaper bag. Here’s a list of the six most important supplies to have on hand: Diapers. While this may seem obvious, it’s amazing how often parents will pack everything else in this list and forget this one, most essential item. Be sure you bring plenty in the correct size. Wipes. These…

16 Nov
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7 Things to Know About Restroom Baby Changing Stations

Restroom baby changing stations are great investments. If you’re looking for an easy way to build customer goodwill while providing a valuable public service, then adding restroom baby changing stations to your facility is a can’t-miss idea. Here are seven things to know about restroom baby changing stations: These products are made to strict standards set by both the government and private regulatory agencies. As a result, any restroom baby changing stations you buy from Allied will give you many…

12 Nov

Specs and Stats: KB110-SSRE Changing Table

The Koala KB110-SSRE baby changing station is everything you could want in a top-quality, horizontally mounted changing station. Here are just some of the many reasons to order the KB110-SSRE from Allied: A spacious changing area for the caregiver’s convenience and the child’s comfort. A curved interior crafted from FDA-approved, high-density polyethylene infused with Microban®…

9 Nov
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Specs and Stats: KB111-SSWM Changing Table

The Koala KB111-SSWM has all the features you would expect in a top-quality product of its type, along with an attractive, germ-resistant stainless steel exterior. Order your new Koala KB111-SSWM from Allied today to receive super-fast shipping and the benefits of our low-price guarantee. Here are some of the features of the Koala KB111-SSWM: The…

5 Nov

5 Common Vertical Baby Changing Table Myths

A vertical baby changing table is a great investment for any commercial restroom. Despite this, many people have misconceptions about these versatile, space-effective products. To clear up the confusion, here are answers to five myths about vertical baby changing table products: Vertical tables are too small to be useful. While a vertically oriented changing station offers maximum space efficiency, it also provides plenty of room for the caretaker to tend to changing duties. Vertical tables are difficult to install. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like all of our…

2 Nov
Koala Baby Products

Maintaining Your Koala Kare Baby Changing Station

A Koala Kare baby changing station is easy to maintain. You only need a few basic housekeeping products found at most mass merchandisers or janitorial supply stores. In this post, we will cover the basic steps needed to ensure your Koala Kare baby changing station is sanitary and safe to…

29 Oct
baby changing station in mens room

Why AHD Baby Changing Stations Are the Best on the Market

AHD baby changing stations are unbeatable for their combination of quality features at a low price. If you’re looking for an easy way to give your restroom patrons the benefits of a hygienic, safe, commercial diaper table, then you need look no further than AHD baby changing stations. A World…

26 Oct

High-End Baby Changing Stations Will Benefit Your Restroom

High-end baby changing stations will benefit the hygiene of your public restroom as well as its appearance. And, thanks to Allied, you can purchase these top-quality products at fair prices. Our high-end baby changing stations come with excellent features like these: Internal steel frames that undergird the entire unit, reinforcing…