Baby Changing Stations

30 Jul

Changing Stations for Babies: What’s the Weight Limit?

Our changing stations for babies are among the safest items on the market. However, we understand that some people have legitimate concerns about the weight ratings of these products. If this is a concern of yours, then you should know that every commercial diaper table we sell is designed to…

27 Jul
Folding baby changing station

Oval Baby Changing Stations: Does Shape Really Matter?

Oval baby changing stations offer an alternative to traditional rectangular models. These units might be ideal additions to your facility, especially if your taste runs toward contemporary or artistic designs. Here’s why: Our oval baby changing stations offer gently shaped contours that are especially flattering in upscale locations such as fine restaurants, boutiques, and similar businesses. While their shape may…

23 Jul
diaper changing stations

Finding the Best Commercial Baby Changing Station for Your Store

We understand your desire to find the best commercial baby changing station for your store. After all, your customers are trusting you to provide a safe, hygienic surface for changing their infant’s diapers. You want this restroom feature to be a bonus for your store’s reputation rather than a liability. That’s why we’re proud to say that every model we sell is worthy of your trust. Here’s why: Both our horizontally and vertically mounted changing tables are built with sturdy…

20 Jul
Koala Baby Products

Getting a Changing Table: Koala Recessed Models May Be for You

Koala recessed models are a wise choice for locations that need to make the most of their available space. These units fit flush with the surrounding wall or countertop, creating a neat, tidy appearance and freeing up room for restroom patrons to move about. And, when you purchase your Koala recessed models from Allied, you’ll also enjoy fast shipping, low prices, and easy ordering. Quick Facts About Our Koala Recessed Models We offer these products in a variety of designs,…

16 Jul
Koala Care baby changing station

Koala Bear Changing Stations for Every Style of Restroom

Allied offers Koala Bear changing stations in a number of colors and shapes to match any restroom décor. And, when you combine our superb selection with our low prices and world-class customer service, it’s clear why we’re the industry leader for Internet-based restroom products. Here are just some of the many options for your Koala…

16 Jul

FDA Approved Changing Stations: Which Models Can I Buy?

Allied carries a wide selection of FDA approved changing stations. In fact, every changing table we sell is built to exceedingly high standards set by a host of private and public agencies. This means that, no matter which model you purchase from our site, you can rest assured it will provide your restroom patrons with…

13 Jul
Portrait of happy mother and baby

The Koala Child Safety Seat Makes Life Easier for Moms

The Koala child safety seat makes a great addition to restrooms and fitting rooms. With one of these units in place, caregivers can tend to personal needs or supervise other children, free of worry. These sturdy units are designed to hold children up to 50 pounds in comfort and safety. Here are just some of their many excellent features: Three-way straps that hold the child snugly yet comfortably. Fold-up seat that pivots on a sturdy steel rod for added strength and user security. Unit requires less than two square feet…

9 Jul

5 Safety Components of a Koala Kare Baby Changing Station

All Koala Kare baby changing station models are built with safety in mind. Their quality construction is your assurance that they will provide years of use for your customers and give you peace of mind. Here’s a look at how Koala changing tables are built: Both horizontal and vertical Koala…

6 Jul
restroom changing tables

How Infant Changing Stations Can Improve Your Business

Infant changing stations can enhance your organization’s bottom line. To see why, consider the following: American society has undergone seismic changes in the past few decades. In the 1950s, most married women stayed at home and raised the children while dad earned the daily bread. In 2015, however, most families…

2 Jul

A Baby Changing Pad Dispenser Isn’t All You Need

A baby changing pad dispenser is essential to any quality diaper changing table. That’s why nearly every model we sell has a built-in dispenser. In some cases, however, you may want to use one of our wall-mounted, standalone dispensers as well.   Here’s why:   • We sell changing tables…