29 Jun
Koala Baby Products

The Many Benefits of Koala Baby Products

Koala baby products are synonymous with superb quality and fair prices. That’s why we’re proud to sell Koala changing stations and accessories. There’s simply no better maker of commercial diaper stations in the world.   Here are just some of the many benefits of Koala baby products: • Time-tested manufacturing…

25 Jun
Hygienic Baby Changing Table

How to Maintain a Hygienic Baby Changing Table

Maintaining a hygienic baby changing table requires only several minutes a day. The following is a handy guide to the subject. Please note: This is a general introduction to the topic for the benefit of our customers. Please refer to the manual that accompanied your diaper station for specific instructions relating to your product.   9 Steps for Hygiene 1.…

22 Jun
baby changing station

Baby Changing Station Laws: Does My State Require Them?

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about baby changing station laws. Here’s what you need to know about this timely subject.   A Legal Brief • The short answer to the question, “Does my state require public restrooms to have baby changing stations?” is “no.” While some private organizations are pushing to change this fact, there are currently no laws mandating diaper stations in public restrooms anywhere in the United States. • However, there are a…

18 Jun
Koala KB200

A Look at the Koala KB200 Changing Table

The Koala KB200 is a can’t-miss choice for public restrooms. This product is well-built, easy to operate, and attractive. If you’re looking for a great commercial diaper changing table, then you won’t go wrong with this choice.   Facts About the Koala KB200 The Koala KB200 is made of FDA-approved polypropylene with added Microban® antimicrobial properties. It resists buildup of germs, odors, and stains. The hinges are made of reinforced steel, and the chassis has a reinforced metal frame for…

15 Jun
Cheap baby changing stations

Cheap Baby Changing Stations: Can You Trust Them?

With budgets tight for many organizations, it only makes sense that many facility managers are looking for cheap baby changing stations. But are affordable diaper stations trustworthy? The answer is yes, especially when you order from Allied.   Here’s why: • Manufacturers of baby changing stations are highly regulated by a number of public and…

11 Jun

Is a Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station Safe?

Some people wonder if a wall mounted baby changing station is really safe. The answer is a resounding yes, provided the unit is installed according to manufacturer directions and with the enclosed hardware.   To show you how easy this process is, here’s a quick breakdown of the major steps involved. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is…

8 Jun
Koala changing tables

Koala Changing Tables: The Options Are Endless

Koala changing tables come in many shapes and styles. That’s one reason why Koala products are an excellent choice for any public restroom. Here are some additional facts to help you with the selection process: • Koala offers both vertical and horizontal diaper stations. This is important because public restrooms vary widely in terms of size, layout, and available wall space. In some cases, a horizontal unit will best serve a client’s needs. In other cases, especially in older buildings with smaller restrooms, a vertical unit is best. Whichever you…

28 May
Koala baby changing stations

Why Most Businesses Choose Koala Baby Changing Stations

Koala baby changing stations are by far the most popular products of their type on the market today. The reasons for this are simple: company stability, assured quality, and fair pricing.   How Koala Baby Changing Stations Got Started Up until the 1980s, commercial diaper stations were rarely if ever…