Baby Changing Stations

27 Aug
buying baby changing stations

What Are Bowl Mounted Changing Stations?

Bowl mounted changing stations are perhaps the best-kept secret in our industry. They offer a space-saving way to give your customers the benefits of modern, sanitary changing facilities at an excellent price. These units are a practical option for organizations with smaller restrooms or tight budgets. Here are just some…

24 Aug
industrial baby changing station

Why World Baby Changing Tables Are the Best Choice for Your Office

World baby changing tables are a smart investment. Not only will they benefit your customers who have small kids, but they can also help your bottom line by generating client goodwill and positive word of mouth for your organization. There’s no easier or better way to promote your business and serve the public at the same time. Here are some…

20 Aug
3d render of a restaurant interior

14 Steps to Sanitary Restaurant Baby Changing Stations

Allied carries a full line of restaurant baby changing stations. Our products come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, with all the features you would expect from leading manufacturers. Best yet, they are easy for your staff to maintain. With that in mind, follow these 14 simple steps to maintain your restaurant baby changing stations: Restaurant baby changing stations often require more frequent maintenance than similar stations at other types of establishments. This is due to the fact…

17 Aug
Hygienic Baby Changing Table

A Liner Dispenser Can Come in Handy When a Baby Changing Mat Can’t Be Found

Having an extra liner dispenser can save the day for your customers. It can also save your cleaning staff the hassle of constantly having to refill the liners in your diaper changing table. Allied sells standalone liner dispensers for an affordable price, making it possible for you to always have plenty of liners on hand. Here are some of the many reasons to invest in one of these practical products: Not every family with small kids carries a portable baby…

13 Aug
Koala Care baby changing station

Should You Choose a Countertop or Fold-Down Baby Changing Table?

A fold-down baby changing table is easy to install, provides spacious room to perform changing duties, and comes in a variety of pleasing colors and shapes. That being said, these units are not the only game in town. Our countertop models offer advantages of their own that make them worth considering. Here’s what we mean:…

10 Aug

5 Reasons to Choose a Vertical Baby Changing Station

A vertical baby changing station is a thoughtful way to help your customers while increasing positive word-of-mouth for your business. Plus, when you order your new changing stations from Allied, you’ll enjoy added benefits like low pricing, fast shipping, and easy ordering. Here are five reasons to consider a vertical baby changing station: Every diaper…

6 Aug
Portrait of happy mother and baby

Specifications for the KB101-01 Changing Table

The KB101-01 baby changing station offers all the features you could want in a product of its type, along with an excellent price. Its sturdy construction, vertical orientation, and ease-of-use will make performing changing duties a breeze for your restroom users. And you will benefit by enjoying customer goodwill and positive word of mouth. Here are some facts about the KB101-01: The unit is made of blow-molded, high-density, FDA-approved polyethylene. The exterior is treated with a Microban® antimicrobial coating that lasts the lifetime of the unit; it will never wear…

3 Aug
3d render of a restaurant interior

Baby Diaper Changing Stations Are Essential for Your Restaurant’s Success

Baby diaper changing stations are a must-have in today’s business world. This is especially true if you own a restaurant. Here’s why: The American family has undergone tremendous changes since previous generations. Before, most mothers worked as homemakers while dads were the main breadwinners. Now it’s normal for both parents…

30 Jul

Changing Stations for Babies: What’s the Weight Limit?

Our changing stations for babies are among the safest items on the market. However, we understand that some people have legitimate concerns about the weight ratings of these products. If this is a concern of yours, then you should know that every commercial diaper table we sell is designed to…

27 Jul
Folding baby changing station

Oval Baby Changing Stations: Does Shape Really Matter?

Oval baby changing stations offer an alternative to traditional rectangular models. These units might be ideal additions to your facility, especially if your taste runs toward contemporary or artistic designs. Here’s why: Our oval baby changing stations offer gently shaped contours that are especially flattering in upscale locations such as…