Baby Changing Stations

11 Feb
Portrait of happy mother and baby

New Parent Tips for Using a Commercial Baby Changing Station

If you’re a new parent, you’ll love how a commercial baby changing station can make your life easier. Here are some tips to help you make the most of these handy products: If you haven’t done so already, we recommend assembling a diaper change kit and carry it with you…

10 Feb
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What Are the Advantages of Koala Recessed Models?

Our Koala recessed models offer both space efficiency and a neat, trim appearance. This makes them a great choice for both smaller environments and image-conscious locations. Here is what makes these great products unique: Our Koala recessed models fit directly into the restroom wall, where they’re anchored to internal wall supports with the included hardware. Installing these units requires only…

8 Feb
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What’s Needed to Install a Wall-Mounted Changing Table?

One of the great things about a wall mounted changing table from Allied is how easy the product is to install. Here are some general instructions to show how simple the process is. Please refer to the printed instructions that come with your unit for specific guidelines. Remove the wall mounted changing table from its packaging and inspect it for signs of damage or mishandling. If you notice any problems, contact the manufacturer or Allied for support. Check the included…

4 Feb

No Excuses: Every Restaurant Can Afford a Cheap Baby Changing Station

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a cheap baby changing station without sacrificing quality. Allied sells a wide range of commercial diaper tables at price points to match any need. Yet even our most affordable units come with top-quality features like these: Construction from FDA-approved blow-molded polyethylene that resists germ build-up and provides a safe, comfortable surface for infants. Internal steel frames that give the unit added strength. Both horizontal and vertical orientations to fit any…

3 Feb

Best Baby Changing Accessories

Having the right baby changing accessories at hand makes all the difference when you’re away from home. We recommend every parent or caregiver carry a few essential items with them wherever they go. These should include: Extra diapers, either cloth or disposable. A trash liner with a zip-type closure in which to place soiled products.…

1 Feb
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Clean, Stylish, and Durable: the KB110-SSWM Station in Stainless Steel

The KB110-SSWM station offers both a superior performance and a sleek look. This model is an ideal choice for upscale restaurants and other image-conscious establishments. Here are just a few of its many fine features: Exterior made from 18-gauge type 304 stainless steel. This material is easy to clean and resists corrosion in even the…

28 Jan
Koala Baby Products

For a Friendly Look, Choose an Oval Baby Changing Station

An oval baby changing station is a great choice for image-sensitive locations. These products are designed with a gently curved shape that many people find especially pleasing. We offer these units in a variety of color schemes to match your specific decor. Browse our site to see our full line. Whether you choose an oval baby changing station or one of our other great models, you should know that providing your customers with a safe, sanitary place to perform changing duties is not only good for them but for you…

25 Jan
bowl mounted changing station

Why a Recessed Baby Changing Station Will Work for Your Tight Space

A recessed baby changing station is ideal for space-challenged restrooms. These products mount directly into the wall surface, minimizing their profile and allowing extra room for caregivers and other restroom patrons to maneuver around the unit. We recommend them for our clients who must make every square inch of bathroom…

21 Jan
changing table liners

Why Baby Changing Station Liners Are Necessary to Combat Winter Illnesses

Baby changing station liners help to protect you and your children against wintertime illnesses. Here are some of the common diseases you may encounter in the typical restroom environment: Gastrointestinal viruses, including norovirus, which can cause stomach problems ranging from cramps and bloating to bloody stools and severe diarrhea. These…

18 Jan

Six Ways to Ensure a Hygienic Baby Changing Station

Maintaining a hygienic baby changing station is easy with Allied products. Here are six tips for keeping our commercial diaper tables germ-free and safe to use: At least once a day, clean the unit with an all-purpose commercial cleaner, allow it to air dry, and then treat it with a…