Baby Changing Stations

23 May

Which Changing Station for Bathrooms Is Earth Friendly?

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly changing station for bathrooms, you won’t go wrong by choosing one of our great Koala models. The Koala company goes out of its way to use Earth-friendly manufacturing methods. Here are some of the ways their people are working to make the planet…

20 May
diaper changing station

Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Baby Changer

Our commercial baby changer models are designed to last through many years of heavy-duty use. Of course, like all things, they don’t last forever. When these products begin to show their age, it’s important to replace them before safety is compromised. Here are four signs you need to replace your commercial baby changer: The product begins to sag or bend.…

18 May
baby changing station

Include a Safe Infant Changing Station in Your Nursing Mother’s Room

Every young mother should have a safe infant changing station in her nursery. However, many of the traditional models you’ll find on the market are made from inferior materials like particleboard. Here at Allied, that gives us cause for concern. So we decided to search the Internet to see if any of our competitors are selling wall-mounted units for private homes. It took a bit of searching, but we found this link that shows just such a product. By our…

16 May
Koala Baby Products

Four Reasons the Koala KB 20801 is So Appealing

At Allied, we’re proud of all our fine products— but, we must admit, we do have our favorites. One of these is the Koala KB208 01 oval changing station. Here are four reasons why this changing station is one of our favorites: The Koala KB208 01 was designed with a gently pleasing curved shape that sets it apart from other models. This enhances the unit’s appearance, allowing it to not only blend in with your restroom’s decor but to actually…

13 May

Should the Law Mandate Baby Diaper Changing Stations in Public Restrooms?

Some people believe the law should require baby diaper changing stations in public restrooms. Others have a different opinion. As a private company, we try not to take sides in controversial issues. However we will say this: if you don’t have commercial diaper stations in your restrooms, you’re denying yourself a great marketing tool. Here’s…

11 May
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How a Stainless Steel Baby Changing Station Resists Germs

A stainless steel baby changing station is an ideal solution if you’re concerned about promoting a healthy environment in your building. That’s because stainless steel has special germ-resistant properties that make it perfect for commercial restrooms. These include: A resilient surface with no cracks or pores. This feature denies bacteria and viruses a place to…

9 May

Purchasing a Koala Baby Changing Station Helps American Workers

Installing a Koala baby changing station in your public restrooms is a great way to benefit both yourself and American workers. That’s because these quality products are built with pride right here in the USA by devoted, skilled craftspeople. When you order your Koala baby changing station from Allied, you’re supporting two American businesses at the same time. Plus, you’ll enjoy these extra perks: • A well-made, reliable Koala baby changing station that will give you many years of trouble-free service. The Koala company is the gold standard of commercial…

4 May
Emotional handsome Caucasian fathers drawing with his cute toddler son holding a yellow pen in the mouth, isolated on white. Family fun concept

How to Choose between a Countertop or Wall-Mounted Daycare Changing Table

Allied carries daycare changing table models in a variety of designs to match any restroom layout. In this post were going to look at how you can decide whether to choose a countertop or wall mounted model for your building. How Countertop Models Work Countertop changing tables are designed for…

3 May

Our Top-Rated Vertical Baby Changing Station Koala Models

If you’re looking for a vertical baby changing station Koala model, then you’ve come to the right place. Allied offers these outstanding products at low prices, backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Here is some information about two of our leading vertical models to help you in the selection process: The…

2 May
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Stainless Steel for Less: the Koala Baby Changing Station KB100

You’ll love the stainless steel beauty of the Koala baby changing station KB 100. It’s proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to provide your customers with a convenient, sanitary way to perform changing duties. Here’s why we recommend this outstanding product to our customers: The exterior of…