10 Nov
industrial baby changing station

Is an Industrial Baby Changing Station Right for Your Facility?

An industrial baby changing station offers owners and managers of companies significant advantages when it comes to employee morale and productivity.   Here are some compelling reasons to consider installing one or more baby changing stations in your location: A number of studies confirm that people do their best at their jobs when they feel their employer cares about them personally. An industrial baby changing station can make a powerful statement about how much you value your workers, helping to…

31 Oct
koala kare company

An Overview of Koala Baby Changing Stations

Koala baby changing stations are one of the most popular changing station brands; just about everyone recognizes the Koala logo! These stations give parents peace of mind knowing that they'll have a safe area to change their child's diaper. Baby changing stations are found in various public areas and restrooms, including grocery stores, government offices,…

24 Oct
buying baby changing stations

Buying Baby Changing Stations: Three Things to Look for

Buying baby changing stations is an important step for any business owner or facility manager. These products will be supporting the most important and precious things in the world: young children. Your company’s reputation and well-being is tied directly into the choices you make about which vendor to deal with. The consequences of picking the wrong one don’t need to be discussed here. Fortunately, making the right decision is easy if you take the following factors in mind: Stability and dependability – It just makes sense to choose a company…

24 Oct
baby changing station in mens room

Why You Need a Commercial Baby Changing Station for the Men’s Restroom

Some business owners dismiss the need for a commercial baby changing station in men's public restrooms. This attitude is usually based on the traditional division of family roles in society. However, in today's world dads are every bit as likely as moms to handle the task of changing diapers, for…