Baby Changing Stations

27 Jun

The Koala KB111-SSRE is One of A Kind

The Koala KB111-SSRE offers everything you could want in a commercial diaper changing station, along with all the benefits that come with being an Allied customer. Whether this is your first commercial changing station or your 100th, you'll love the great features that come with this top-quality product. They include:…

24 Jun

Here Are Answers to Common Concerns About Restaurant Baby Changing Stations

Restaurant baby changing stations are practically a necessity in today's world. Despite this fact, we sometimes come across business owners or managers that are reluctant to invest in these versatile products. In this post we'd like to discuss some of the most common concerns we hear from potential buyers. In the end, we think you'll agree that restaurant baby changing…

22 Jun
diaper changing stations

Trending Baby Changing Station Laws in the News

The world is changing when it comes to baby changing station laws. Take the community of Miami-Dade County, for example. A recent ordinance change requires certain types of establishments to include commercial diaper stations in both men’s and women’s restrooms. Many other locales have either passed similar measures or are openly considering them. However, even if your area doesn’t enforce baby changing station laws, the fact remains that installing commercial changing tables in your restrooms is a smart move for…

20 Jun
Koala baby changing stations

AHD 107-01: The Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

Ordering an AHD 107-01 horizontal wall mounted baby changing station from Allied is a smart move for many reasons. These include: Assured quality. Each Allied brand changing station is made with high quality materials like blow-molded polyethylene, internal steel frames, and tough yet gentle nylon safety straps. Their rugged construction is your assurance that you’re getting a top-quality product for your money. Easy installation. The AHD 107-01 is easy to mount in virtually any restroom with basic hand tools. Full…

17 Jun
diaper changing station

Top Four Reasons Why A Business Won’t Install Safe Infant Changing Stations

Safe infant changing stations are a win-win for everyone. They provide a valuable service for parents and other caregivers, help to promote children’s well-being, and last but certainly not least, they provide a great low-cost way for a business to send a positive message about how it treats customers. Despite these many advantages, some organizations…

15 Jun
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FAQs about Changing Station Disposable Sanitary Liners

Allied sells changing station disposable sanitary liners in any quantity you need, whether you run a tiny one-person shop or a sprawling shopping mall with hundreds of restrooms. There’s no better way to provide your valued customers with the highest possible levels of hygiene and peace of mind than to stock these valuable products. We’re…

13 Jun
Koala Care baby changing station

Get a Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station for Your Church

A wall mounted baby changing station is a great addition to any place of worship. While different denominations may have differences in beliefs, they all have one thing in common: babies. You can make services easier for patrons by installing a wall-mounted baby changing station. If you’re in the initial planning stages of getting your own commercial diaper tables and are trying to find out more about these great products, here’s what you need to know: Every wall mounted baby changing station Allied sells is built to rigorous standards set…

10 Jun
Koala changing tables

How to Remove Graffiti from Your Commercial Bathroom Changing Station

Removing graffiti from your commercial bathroom changing station is usually a hassle-free process. However, sometimes getting the job done can require a little elbow grease and know-how. Here are some tips to help you along: Most graffiti is created using everyday items like pencils and pens. General purpose cleaners and…

8 Jun
changing stations

Three Things You Must Know About Installing a Diaper Changing Station Wall Mounted

Installing a diaper changing station (wall mounted) is simple and straightforward. Of course, as with any task, you should make sure you’ve done the job correctly after all is said and done. This is vital for the child’s well-being and your own peace of mind. Here are three things to…

6 Jun
restroom changing tables

Three Changing Table Pad Cover Types Parents Can Use in Public Restrooms

Experts recommend using a changing table pad cover to help ensure the highest possible levels of safety and hygiene. We here at Allied agree with this smart practice. However, sometimes the hectic pace of modern life makes performing even the simplest tasks challenging. Here are three suggestions for using a…